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What We Do

We Belize Education Alliance (WeBEA) transforms lives & strengthens communities through funding education in Belize, Central America.

WeBEA fosters academic achievement, community involvement, and civic responsibility, in support of the students and educators of Belize.

WeBEA is a catalyst for student funding, educational outreach, and professional development. Working in harmony with the people of this diverse and colorful nation, WeBEA honors cultural heritage and respect for sustainable growth.

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 
-Nelson Mandela

About WeBEA

How We Make An Impact

Student Funding

Education costs are common barriers to learning for impoverished students in Belize.  School expenses are a significant contributing factor for students failing to continue their education beyond the primary grades.

School Supplies

Disadvantaged students are often unable to provide basic academic supplies such as paper and pencils.  Providing fundamental school supplies enhances student learning and encourages a child’s highest potential for academic achievement and success.

Feeding Programs

Nutrition is vital for promoting healthy minds and bodies.  Feeding programs at the primary school level provide mid-day meals to children who otherwise would have little or nothing to eat throughout their school day.


Through collaboration with educators and community leaders, relationships are nurtured.  By sharing expertise, resources, and knowledge, outreach contributes greatly to the harmony of a school and it's community for lasting change.

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You Can Make A Difference

Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."   Yet Belize education is an expense many families cannot afford. The average hourly wage in Belize is $2.50/hour, meaning many families have financial hardship in paying for the primary and secondary education of their students.

How your gift can help a child in Belize:

  • $25 sponsors one primary student: registration fees and school supplies
  • $50 sponsors two primary students: registration fees and school supplies
  • $100 sponsors one primary student: registration fees, uniforms and school supplies
  • $300 sponsors one primary student: registration fees, uniforms, school supplies and feeding program

Thank you for your generous support of the students, families, and communities of Belize.

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